Group of companies STINCOM

The core activities of «Stincom» company include construction of cottage villages and complex territory development in Leningrad Region.

«Stincom» – is a group of companies which joins development, production, construction, technical and exploitation structures (divisions). Today «Stincom» is one of the leaders at cottage construction market in Leningrad region.

At present «Stincom» group of companies has concentrated its main activity in Viborgsky district of Leningrad region – prestigious and ecological part of Karelian Isthmus, at lands between Pionerskoe and Alexandrovskoe lakes. Company is now developing the infrastructure of the whole territory of peninsula and realizing complex projects of construction and exploitation of cottage villages «Zaychihino», «Zaozerie», «Garmonia». One more site at Pionerskoe lake shore is now at preliminary work phase.

The company joins a team of professionals of all construction specialties: engineers, constructing, architectural, designing, landscape specialists, economists and managers. There is separate exploitation engineering service. All the specialists posses high professional level and vast practical experience. «Stincom» pays much attention to professional training and employees development.

The company specialists developed, realized and patented the unique technology of production and construction of countryside houses from «wooden bricks». The production line is equipped with woodworkers of leading European brands.

«Stincom» possesses various road-building machines, acts as a dealer of German gas equipment company WOLF. All the activities of the company is verified with required licenses and certificates.

«Stincom» is up-to-date and mobile company, an active and undisguised player at country-side real estate market.

The main principle of «Stincom» work is complex approach which means carrying out projects from idea to total realization and further exploitation of finished objects.


Office address
197342, Saint-Petersburg, 6A
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Wood Brick

The company specialists of “Stincom” developed, realized and patented the unique technology used in the production and construction of countryside houses from «wood bricks».


The «Wood brick» is a unique, reliable and very beautiful material of solid wood. The “wood brick” has special qualities as furniture and is ready for processing of all surfaces. The “wood brick” is an ideal material for the construction of modern wooden cottages, which are different from  log huts and a traditional wooden houses. The qualities of “wood brick” and the qualities of external and internal surfaces of walls provide graphic and ergonomic space. All these properties can help you to avoid losses of the internal area of the house and to save on the amount of used material. The “wood brick” technology excludes the use of glue structures during the production and installation of the “wood brick”, allowing finished objects to have high environmental characteristics.

Parameters of a standard element: length is 650 mm, width is 193 mm, height is 70 mm.

The dry “wood brick” is lighter than the same material of natural moisture. This quality allows one to facilitate a design of the foundation and to cut down expenses on its construction. Small weight and size of the “wood brick” allows one to not use cranes, forklifts and heavy equipment during transportation and use in the construction on a building site. Moreover, all these facts can reduce your costs without damaging of the surrounding area, while also preserving the natural environment. “Wood brick” has the lowest degree of deformation out of all wooden wall materials, due to its small geometric proportions. The size of material allows any objects - from a bathhouse to a mansion - to have aesthetic, laconic and impressive form.

Wood Brick house technology

Houses built from wooden brick have all the advantages of wooden eco-friendly natural homes. At the same time, they do not have all the drawbacks of houses built from wood of natural moisture. In addition, they have a number of environmental and economic advantages over  houses built from dry laminated wood.

There are practically no design restrictions for houses built from “wood brick”. This material is created for the realization of any creative plan of  architects and future homeowers, including a variety of geometrical shapes of facades which were impossible to build using any lengthy wall material. “Wood brick” houses are built with dried-up wood; they do not require time for shrinkage and are processed according to all standards which are required for processing material for furniture. Completely ready for finishing, installation of windows, doors and ladders. You can enter into the house and heat immediately after the completion of construction works. “Wood brick” technology involves a significant shortening of deadlines (from design to delivery of the finished house). It is possible due to combining the various stages of design and production work. Construction technology involves the assembly of buildings from prefabricated elements which have patented four-sided and reliable connection.


Wood is a natural material; it has high bioenergetic properties and is therefore comfortable to be used in houses. Furthermore, wood supports climate and oxygen balance indoors at an optimal level. For production of raw materials it is used in edged boards of softwood as pine, fir and cedar. The length of the board is 6 meters.

All wood which is used in the manufacture of “wood bricks” has strict requirements for the presence of defects, as well as of the largest percentage of humidity. Using developed technologies for the production of “wood bricks” all lumber is dried to a moisture content of 12 ± 2%. After that, it is machined in several stages by high-tech equipment. After that, the workpiece is rasped, thorns are milled and decorative edges are formed. As a result, we get finished “wood break” with high-quality processing of all surfaces, close to the furniture.


PRODUCTION: Wood Brick technology

Timber is sorted and packaged into drying packages. These packages of timber are placed into drying cameras to achieve the required humidity of 12 ± 2%. Drying of timber is carried out in automatic drying cameras “Secea” made in Italy allowing to produce uniform drying of boards to required humidity. When the dry timber is ready for further processing, it moves to manufacture on the conveyor, where it is processed with miter saw. As a result of this operation, we receive the workpieces. Then, they are delivered on the roller conveyor to the first quadrilateral “WEINIG unimat 23” machine.

After the workpieces are rasped with this machine, we receive the calibrated workpieces with identical sections on all lengths.  It is produced further by the cutting of thorns on the end faces of the workpiece and the formation of chamfers on the corners of the future elements on both sides with tenon cutting machine. After these processings, the workpieces are transferred to the second quadrilateral WEINIG unimat 500 machine, where final cutting of grooves and gouging decorative edges are performed. Finished “wood bricks” are processed with a transport antiseptic; then they are sorted and packed on wooden pallets. Packages are reliably packed into a film for high-quality storage until direct usage.

How we build “Wood Brick” houses. Stages of construction

After the completion of work on the foundation and the beginning of construction of the “Wood Brick” house, a protective tent is built over the area of the  building. The main functions of this tent are a protecting the construction against different climatic manifestations and a formation of the construction site. Thus there is no damage to the surrounding area. Platforms for storage of construction material, equipment and tools are placed under the tent. Such an organization of the construction site allows us to save high-quality dry material from the effects of precipitation and build “Wood Brick” houses year round without seasonal breaks or loss of speed and quality. The protective tent is removed after completion of all roofing works or simply the completion of the exterior finish. All load-bearing walls and interior partitions of house are built from the “Wood Bricks”.

According to the project and design documentation, solid or glued wooden structures are used for posts, poles, supporting and span beams. Easy assembly of the wall structure from wooden bricks is provided with the special quadrilateral lock. At the same time, the lock so tightly fastens separate bricks that allow us to begin installation of windows, doors, internal ladders and to start internal finishing immediately due to the absence of shrinkage.

Living areas can be heated immediately after the end of construction of the closed thermal contour. Easy assembly of houses “Wood Brick” kit allows you to perform the entire cycle of construction and installation works in a period of 4-9 weeks depending on the area of the house and the complexity of the project.

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